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air conditioning

A newly-developed Air Conditioning Unit can be fitted  to a pod without the need for an external outdoor unit, giving the freedom to use an air conditioning unit within a building that already has its own fixed conditioning system. With the use of flexible ducting, every corner of the pod can be access giving a cool breeze throughout. Accompanying the AC unit is a user controlled touch pad. allowing access to; Temperature, three speed fan, Humidity and Fresh air intake. For more information please click here.



qb-space have all the versatility interior designers, specifiers and architects could

wish for, with a vast range of finishes available for both solid wall and visible framed panels. Select decor in your brand colours, to match the building’s existing design scheme or choose a highly-practical solution, such as integrated whiteboard panels. qb Office systems are also flexible and solid panels can be changed in situ, allowing you to alter the finish at any time.


Choice is a key part of qb-space, which is why our standard units are supplied with either 6mm reinforced glass or 5mm Perspex. We prefer glass, as it has greater scratch resistance than acrylic and it can be supplied in non-standard sheet sizes to suit your installation. Double-glazed glass can also be specified and installed with remote-controlled integral venetian blinds. There are plenty of choices, so your qb office can be tailored to match your requirements.

space efficiency

Rectangular or square qb-spaces are a simple way to create an extra room without wasting space. The flexible design means that they can be made to work with the shape of your office and standard storage units, furniture and AV equipment, so every inch of space is used efficiently. qb-space systems can also be easily reconfigured at any time, so can grow, shrink or move in line with your changing needs.


ventilation and lighting

qb-spaces are designed to have all the functionality of traditional offices, so we’ve put a lot of thought into issues such as ventilation, lighting and power supply. LED lighting and air comfort systems can be integrated into the ceilings, while power points and wiring can be configured to suit your exact needs. There are a host of other options for lighting, so the right choice for your space is available.



qb-space products achieve high levels of soundproofing without sacrificing comfort. By using the perfect balance of sound insulation, air and surface materials, the spaces provide the right level of privacy for internal and client meetings or telephone conversations, while retaining a natural feel. The level of soundproofing means qb Office systems are suitable for a wide range of environments, including banks, shops, car showrooms and offices.


ease of construction

A standard 9 square metre qb-space can easily be constructed inside five hours - even on an uneven floor - keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. qb Office spaces are designed to be ultra flexible, so you can reconfigure them as often as you want without wastage. They can be disassembled in five hours and removed without a trace of damage to the building, ensuring you make big savings on dilapidation costs.